01. LANGADI-The foot of any leg touched to grounds and the other being kept in air folded with a further action of hopping for catching a Defender is called as LANGADI

02. CHASER-The players who chase the Opponent with a view to put them out at the same time score points are known as CHASER

03. ATTACKER A player who pursues the players of the Opposite side i.e. Defenders with a view to Tag and Touch them is known as ATTACKER

04. RUNNERS The players of the side other than the Chasers are known as RUNNERS

05. DEFENDERS-The Runners who are inside the Field for their turn of defense are known as DEFENDERS

06. TOUCHING THE HAND-When Attacker touches any part of his body, other than active foot to the Field to any person inside or outside Field, with or without intension then it is called as TOUCHING THE HAND.

07. TOUCHING THE LEG-In the Field if an Attacker touches his leg or any part of his leg, other than the foot by which he is performing Langadi to the ground or any person is called as TOUCHING THE LEG.

08. CHANGE OF LEG -In the field if an Attacker changes his foot and starts playing Langadi on the other foot is called as CHANGE OF LEG.

09. PERFECT LANGADI Starting Langadi from ATTACKERS ENTRY ZONE, without violating any rule by an ATTACKER is called PERFECT LANGADI.

10. ATTACKERS ENTRY ZONE The area marked in the lobby at the centre & parallel of the side line (AD) of the Field1 (ADFE) & with distance of 0.25 mt away with a dimension 2 mt. in length and 1 mt. in Width is known as ENTRY ZONE for ATTACKER (WXYZ).

11. DEFENDERS ENTRY ZONE-The area marked at both the corners of the line ( BC), measuring 3 mt. in Length and 3 mt. in Width is known as DEFENDERS ENTRY ZONE (MNOP) & (MIN101P1).

12. CENTRAL LINE-The line which divides the Ground in Two equal halves is called as CENTRAL LINE (EF)

13. FIELD The two equal rectangular halves of Ground made by Central Line is called as Field. Rectangle near to ATTACKERS ENTRY ZONE is FIELD -1 (AEFD), other rectangle near to DEFENDERS ENTRY ZONE is FIELD- 2 (EBCF)

14. END LINES Boundaries of the Ground are known as END LINES

15. OUT OF FIELD-When Defender touches any part of his body to the End Lines then he is said to have gone OUT OF FIELD

16. SIMPLE BODY TOUCH -When the Attacker touches by palm to the Defender is called as SIMPLE BODY TOUCH.

17. RETIRED -If the defender by his own wish goes out of field then it is termed as RETIRED

18. TO GIVE OUT When the defender is touched by an Attacker by touching his (palm) hand without violating any rule or if defender goes out of field then he shall be declared out by a short blow of a whistle and is called as TO GIVE OUT

19. L LINE Dotted Line 1mt. from Central Line in Field 1, marked between GH is called as L LINE or late entry line.


01. a. For National level tournament each team consist of 15 players. If players are less than 9 then team is not eligible to play match. When 9 or more than 9 but less than 12 players are available then team is allowed to play match but only 9 players are allowed to defense

b. For International Tournament each team consist of 18 players (all other rules are applicable as per 01(a).)

02. If a team is having less than 12 players then opposite team will get points of those short players in both the Innings.

03. A team is having less than 12 players then at the time of Attack, each player will get one chance to perform Langadi. When all present players of the team perform langadi then their turn will get over.

04. Toss will be done by Referee. He will call both the Captains and ask one of them to select Head/Tails. The Captain who wins the toss will raise his right hand and immediately select Attack or Defense. Winning Captain will indicate this by pointing finger towards the respective Entry Zone.

05. Captain will be from 15 player’s team. It is not required that he should be in playing team.

06. Attacker shall start Langadi from Attackers Entry Zone.

07. If the above Rule No, 06, is not obeyed by any chaser then he should be given foul and ask him to start Langadi again from the Attackers Entry Zone. If and an Attacker even after declaring foul continues his Langadi then no defender shall be given out.

08. Attacker shall not touch any part of his body to ground except active foot on which he started Langadi. Also he shall not beallowed to touch other part of his body, if it happens, Attacker shall be asked to withdraw from performing further Langadi.

09. The Attacker shall not be allowed to change his leg on which he started Langadi. If he does so he shall be asked to withdraw from performing further Langadi.

10. Both teams shall attack in First Turn of First Inning by Right Leg and in Second Turn of 2nd Inning by Left Leg.

11. Attacker is allowed to go out of the Field but he has to obey (follow) all the rules even out of Field. Attacker shall not be allowed to put OUT any Defender from out side the End Lines but he is allowed to continue his Langadi.

12. When a new batch of Defenders entered in the Field Attacker must be in Field- 1. If he is not in the given situation then Attacker has to go to Field-1 and from their he should enter Field -2 and is allowed to chase New Batch of Defenders.

13. Except Attacker no other Chaser shall enter the Field. If any such chaser gets inside the Field then he shall be expelled out immediately. Until chaser entered in the Field is not going out, Umpire shall not give any Defender OUT. The Attacker who is after his performance of Langadi on becoming a lame Chaser should move out of the field immediately. Till he leaves the field new Attacker shall not be allowed to further Chase the defenders.

14. Defender shall not disturb or obstruct Attacker. If due tries to obstruct Attacker he will be given out.

15. Defender once OUT will enter the Field, when his turn comes again in that Inning.

16. Attacker shall not violate the Rule Nos. 6, 11 & 12. If he does so the Defender shall not be given OUT due to violation of Rule.

17. When Defender is touched by an Attacker by his palm without violating any rule then the defender shall be given out. Explanation-If Attacker touches Defender other than the palm then Defender shall not be given out.

18. Defender shall not disturb or obstruct Attacker. If he does so then Umpire shall show Yellow Card to the Defender. Even after warning or if any player misbehaves in such a grave manner then Umpire shall show Red Card and if he is a Defender declare him as OUT or if he is Attacker would end his Langadi Turn. Also he shall be punished for misbehavior by not allowing to play in further match.

19. Late Entry- a. After getting batch out, new batch of defenders will enter in the field 2. If an Attacker crosses L Line (GH) and if defenders fails to enter in the field 2, then those defender/s who have not entered will be given out as Late Entry.

b. If full batch of defenders is out as Late Entry; then for Next Batch 30 sec. will be given by Referee to enter in. Then after each 30 sec. furtherLate Entry of the defender/s is to be given. For each Late entry crossing of L Line and going to the other half will be necessary.

c. If Late Entry given for continuous 3 defenders batches then Referee can take decision to disqualify the team.

01. Each team will consist of a Manager, a Coach and 15 Players. 15 players will be named for a match out of 12 players shall take the Field in the beginning.
02. An Inning will consist of a Chasing & Defending Turns. U/11 (Cadet) & U/14 (Sub Junior) 7 minutes, U/i8 (junior) & Open (Senior) -9 minutes Turn.
03.Each Match will consist of 2 Innings. There shall be an interval of S minutes after an Inning and 2 minutes brealk between Turns.
04. Captain/Manager of Chasing / Defending team shall name the extra players before the commencement of the match.
05. At the beginning of a turn 3 Runners shall be inside the Field for Defense. Immediately after these 3 Defenders being declared OUT, the next 3 Runners shall enter the Field. If one of the Runner from the batch or Full batch of 3 runners failed to enter in Field 2, before Attacker crosses the L Line (GH) then Runner or full batch will be given out, as LATE ENTRY.
06. The Runners who entered Field early shall not be given out but simply called back to their respective Entry Zone.
07. Sequence of Runners can be changed till its entry in the Field from Enry Zone. Once runner enters in the field then for that turn he cannot change his sequence.
08. As and when 1t Defender of batch is out, the next 3 Runners must enter in to Entry Zone.
09. Runner once entered in the field shall not change his batch till the end of that turn. Runners shall enter in the Field from Entry Zone. Referee shall have option to declare Runner/s out, who has/have not entered the field from Entry Zone.
10. Turn shall be over when all 12 Attackers of the team performed Langadi and become out or Time of the turn is over Note: – If team consists of 9 players then turn shall be over as soon as all 9 players perform Langadi.
11. Captain / Manager of Attacking team shall give the sequence of players performing Langadi to the 2ndScorer before the commencement of Match/Turn. Attacker shall come one after another for Chasing. When all Attackers perform Langadi automatically turn will be over.
12. Points can only be scored by Chasing team when a Defender gets out.
13. The Chasing side shall score ONE POINT for each Defender getting out. Ifall Runners become OUT before the completion of Turn Defending Team shall maintairn the same order of Defense. Order of Runners shall not be changed during a turn.
14. The Captain of the chasing team shall have option to end the turn before the allotted time. He shall inform the Referee about the same by raising his arm and request him to stop the turn. Until the Referee has signaled to stop the turn, the turn is not closed. Chasing side shall not leave the field until the Referee has signaled to stop the turn, the turn is not closed. Chasing side shall not leave the field until the Referee has declared the turn as closed.
15. If a Match is not completed for any reason, it shall be continued further at another time with the same players and the same officials, provided that it is played in the same session. The scores of the completed Turns of each side shall be counted, the match being continued from the beginning of the incomplete turn. If the incomplete Match is not played in the same session, then entire match will be replayed from the beginning. In this case the players and officials need not be the same. Time for a Session will be as follows:
Morning Session-Sunrise to 12.00 noon
Afternoon Session-12.00 noon to End of the Day’s play
16. After completion of 1st Inning if the points of a side (who chased first at the starting of the match) exceeds the points of other side by 9 or more then former side shall have the option of requesting the later side to follow on its turn as chaser without forfeiting its own right to take its turn as chasing afterwards, in case other side exceeds its score.
17. In the knock-out matches the side that scores more points at the end of the match shall be declared as winner. If the points are equal one more inning (one turn for each side as chasers and runners) shall be played. (Before the start of Extra Inning a minimum rest of 5 minutes is to be given). If agaln the points are equal, an additional inning shall be played on minimum chase basis as follows; Referee shall start the turn of this additional Inning. As soon as the first point is scored the turn shall be closed by the Referee at the same time he shall stop the stop watch simultaneously. The time for scoring of this first point shall be noted. The side that takes less time to score this first point shall be declared as winner of the match. The Referee shall stop the stopwatch if the time exceeds more than 30 seconds than recorded time of the opponents) If again it is a tie this process shall continue till the winner is decided.
18. In the League system the winner shall score 3 points and looser shall score NO points. In case of a tie, both the sides shall score one point each. If there is a tie in the group, the concerned teams in the group will replay the knock-out match or matches after drawing lot. But if it is not possible to conduct match/Matches for some unavoidable circumstances then match/matches can be played in MINIMUM CHASE BASIS.
19.When one Attacker puts off his Langadi the next chaser shall not enter as a fresh Attacker on the field till previous Attacker leave the Field square. If it happens and the next Chaser enters the field the umpire would ask the chaser to go back to Entry Zone and to start Chasing again. In this situation if chaser puts out any defender he shall not be given out.
20. Any number of substitutions shall be allowed by the Referee on the request of Coach or Captain. The substitution For Chasing/Defending is allowed only before they enter the ENTRY ZONE.
01. The following officials shall be appointed for the Management of a match.
02. Referee The Referee shall perform following Duties:-
           a. He shall check Score Sheet, ground etc. and would take toss before starting the match. He shall help the umpires to perform their duties and shall give his final decision in case of any dispute in them.
           b. If a player intentionally obstructs the conduct of the play or behaved in an ungentlemanly or mischievous manner or intentionally violates any of the rules, the Referee shall at its own discretion penalize the defaulting players. The penalty shall range, according to the default from warning a defaulting player till to forbid the entire team to participate in future play of the match.
            c. He shall announce the warning by calling the Chest No. of Runner or Chaserand showing a “Yellow” card. It shall be recorded by the Scorer by marking the chest number in warning column. He shall announce the forbiddance from the participation in future play in similarway as warning but showing a “Red” card. This will also be recorded by the Scorer by making ‘R’ against the chest number in defense column. Such a player shall be immediately replaced and asked to leave the arena.
             d. He shall observe the sequence of Defender and chaser entering in the field.
             e. He shall synchronize his watch that of Time Keeper & shall check the time after each turn.
             f. He shall check the scores of the sides at the end of Chaser entering in the Field &  each turn. Also he shall have to announce the result of the match.
             g. He shall start and end the turn of a minimum chase (tie breaker) turn.
03. Umpire
              a. Umpire shall move in the Lobby and shall conduct the game.
              b. For any reason, if he enters the field he shall come back to the lobby immediately without obstructing the progress of the match.
               c. He shall give decision and also help the other umpire to give correct decision with use of umpires signs and blow of the whistles.
04. Time Keeper
              a. The Time Keeper shall start the turn by blowing a long whistle followed by a short after getting direction from the Referee
              b. He shall declare the end of the turn by blowing a long whistle.

              c. He shall enter the lobby and declare the completion of each minute of play loudly by raising his arm holding an indicator.

05. Scorer
               a. He shall note down and check the names& numbers of the players.
                b. He shall enter the sequence of chasers (playing order) when entered in Entry Zone. Sequence of Defender when entered in field.
                c. He shall write the numbers in the defending batch of Defender when it enters the field.
               d. At the end of the match he shall tally the scores of the two sides and prepare the result of the match.
               e. He shall get the score sheet duly signed by all Officials.
               f. After completing the Score Sheet he shall hand it over to the Referee for checking and declaration of the result.
06. The officials of the match shall be appointed by the competent authority and it shall function under the guidance of Referee Committee 07. After the start of the match if any of the officials becomes unable to further officiate in any given turn, the remaining officials shall manage the officiating, till the end of the turn. If the official is unable to resume the work, he shall be replaced by a new official.
08. The Coach and Manager shall sit at the place provided for them. They shall not be allow to give instructions make derogatory remarks on officials, persistent addressing to officials concerning their decisions, deliberate coaching during the game from outside the Field. If they do so, Referee shall show them Yellow Card even then they continue to behave in the same manner, Referee shall ask them to leave the arena.
09. Nails of the players (Leg & Hands) shall not be grown.
10. Type of Whistles
               a. Start of Match -One Long One Short whistle
               b. End of the Match- Long whistle
               c. Foul -Continuous beep of Short whistle
                d. Out- One short whistle
11. Uniform: Men/Boys shall wear Half Pant, T-shirt/ Banyarn Women/Girls shall wear Frock or Half Pant/ shirt or T- shirt.
12.Players are allowed to play without shoes or are allowed to play with Canvas Shoes having plane bottom.Orn Wooden Ground players are allowed to wear light weight Sports Shoes.
13. Officials shall wear Authorized Uniform of their respective Association.
14. Each player shall be numbered in front and back of his T-shirt/Shirt with number of solid colour contrasting with the colour of the T-shirt. The number shall be printed or stitched of size 10cms. high and 2 cms. wide In front side. 20 cms.high and 2 cms wide on the back. Lesser size will be treated as misbehavior. The number shall be printed from 1 to 15. Players of the same side would neither be allowed to wear duplicate numbers nor change their dress during a tournament/ championship. If need arise Referee shall allow change of Chest Number.

15.During the Game, a player may address the Referee only through the Team Captain. © Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved. | Designed by Beyond Web